Fork to Fork

The team firmly believe in using what they have on their doorstep and take great pride and pleasure in using the organically grown, seasonal produce grown in Mallory Court's own kitchen gardens.

Our kitchens work closely with our garden team to steer what is grown in order to keep the menus fresh and exciting. Take a walk through the grounds at any time of year and you'll find a wealth of fresh produce growing from figs and soft fruits to herbs, salads, root vegetables and more exotic and hard to grow offering such as artichokes and asparagus.

Chris Holdsworth, head gardener for Eden Hotel Collection, explains that in addition to supplying the kitchens with fresh produce, ‘growing your own’ is a cost saving exercise. The beautiful dishes our award-winning chefs create use large amounts of fashionable micro herbs, baby vegetables and vegetable flowers that are extremely expensive to buy. Baby leeks and courgettes can cost as much as £1 each and nothing beats the taste of freshly picked!