Royal Leamington Spa

Wide boulevards, Georgian and Edwardian architecture and expansive, award-winning parks provide a sophisticated backdrop to this Regency shopping paradise. Often described as ‘the best bits of London, all in a ten-minute walk’, Leamington town centre combines a treasure-trove of independent, specialist boutiques with all the national chains you would expect to find in a large city.

With an impressive array of entertainment venues, a rich choice of restaurants and some of the country’s best spas and salons, we're certain you will find it one of the most appealing towns in the UK.

A History

The town of Leamington Spa, originally known as Leamington Priors was a tiny village until about 1800. The value of the mineral springs was known in the middle ages, but it was not until 1784 that the small village began rediscovering its saline springs and started building baths around some of them.

In the period just prior to 1810 it had become obvious that the town’s existing Bath Houses could not cope with the ever increasing number of visitors. Plans were made to build a bathing establishment on a scale surpassing anything yet attempted. A syndicate was formed to provide the necessary funds.

A company was formed to buy the land on the west side of the Parade for building purposes. This was the start of the ‘new town’ and it was hoped the new baths could be erected in this area. However, attempts to discover a reliable source of saline water in this vicinity were unsuccessful. Eventually in 1810 a spring was discovered on land owned by Mr Greatheed – a member of the syndicate – on the north side of the river, but only a stones-throw away from the old town.

Information provided from Royal Leamington Spa.